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Jet Fuel A1

Fuel Type jet fuel

Jet aircraft (civil and military), helicopter turbine engines, turboprops, compression-ignition piston engines

Boiling Point 150°C - 250°C

> 38.0ºC (100ºF)

Maximum Melting Point -47.0ºC
Appearance Clear and bright

Max 30 Saybolt Color

Density at 15°C 775-840 kg/m³
Freezing Point Max -47°C
Thermal Stability

Max 15°C temperature rise

Total Hydrocarbon Content Max 3.5%
Sulfur Content

Max 0.30% (by weight)

Aromatics Content

Max 25% (by volume)


No corroding or oxidizing

Water Content Max 30 mg/kg
Microbial Contamination Not detectable
Conductivity Max 50 pS/m